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Shitsuke Clan of Shitesukeitogakure
Shitsuke Clan

The Shitsuke Clan is one the main clans residing in Shitesukeitogakure, a small village far from Konohagakure. Due to a few partnerships in the past, the two villages are on good terms. Many are oblivious of the Shiteseukeitogakure Village because it stays hidden from outsiders. The village is protected heavily by those that take the path of the Shinobi while others tend to the internal village. They are shinobi for hire for funding their village, they are most seen working under Konohagakure, using their prominent tracking skills. They hold the ability to see their own chakra, as well as others in their clan. Some embers of this clan hold the Binzuru-Sonja Kekki Genkai, while others are not blessed with it.
Due to the intense secrets of the small village, they are very strict on their rules. Marriage within their clan is assigned and not chosen. They breed on the fact of creating a better shinobi to train and represent
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I'm still trying to develop my artwork, for the career i have chosen that's a sure must. I'm improving everyday with practice. Like i say, practice makes perfect. I do feel confidential in my work. I lose my inspiration a lot..

Paint Tool SAI by LumiResources

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Recently, i was ill and unaware of it. And because of that, i ended up becoming legally blind in my left eye. I was having headaches for weeks. And after taking aleve to try and calm in, it was getting worse. My vision, in both eyes started to get blurry. It scared me, because for the first day i thought something was in my eye.  That Sunday, I ended up going to the emergency room, and i tell them of my vision being blurry. My headaches, and it felt like there was pressure on the back of my head. I could hear my ears throbbing, which was when i mentioned i might have a ear ache. They looked into my ear and gave me medicine for a headache because the symptoms i was telling them just 'didn't make sense.' So after filling me up with a iv they sent me home. It worried me because my vision was still blurry, and getting worse in the left eye. 

I scheduled an appointment with the eye doctor, but the soonest i could get to him was that Thursday. I went to work Tuesday, the headache getting worse. By Thursday morning, it was hurting so bad i wasn't acting normal at work. Customers were asking me who hit me in the face. I didn't know my face had swollen on the left side until my fiance came to check on me. I called my boss trying to leave early because it was hurting, and burning. I'd put ice on it, only to have a bag of water soon. I get off work and make it to my eye doctors appointment. I knew it was strange how they had me wait so long for him to come tell me what was wrong. He told me, I either had a real tumor, or Pseudo Tumor Cerebri. There was fluids on my brain, pushing against the nerves on my eyes, making my vision go out. And the headaches were the pains associated with it. He scheduled me an appointment and told me to wait until Monday.

Friday morning i wake up in pain, and my fiance decides to take me to the hospital that did his sisters tumor surgery. I waited in the er from Noon till 10pm that night until i could be placed in a room. I was admitted that night, and stayed for five days. In those five days, i got a shot in my stomach every 8 hours to prevent blood clots, every 4 hours i was checked by a nurse for my vitals. And in a rotation of that, i was given a blood sugar test regularly each day. I had a spinal tap done the first day with a 4inch needle, i was stuck twice by the student, and the doctor did the last stick himself. They realized the needle wasn't long enough and scheduled me one for the next day.

Spinal tap number two. While in this hospital, i've had a team of doctors. It's how they operate, doctors and students together while they learn. So on my second spinal tap, i was stuck only two times. The first time by the student, and the final time by my main dr, i didn't even feel the needle that time. They took 40cc's of spinal fluid off my spine that day. And two hours later, as if i hadn't suffered enough doctor abuse, XD, they whisk me away for surgery to drain the rest of the fluids off my head. Im not gonna lie, i was deathly afraid this whole time but i never showed it. I was calm, so calm in fact that it scared everyone around me. I just kept telling everyone, im just thinking of the positive side. I said it everyday through out the whole thing, that i swear it's my catchphrase now.

My surgery was told to my family, that it would only last 30 minutes. But it actually lasted three hours. I have never been put to sleep before for surgery, the last surgery i had was when i was born and i have no memory of it, just the scars. I looked at the time when they put the mask on my face 5:20, I remember joking with my anesthesia team seconds before i slipped off into a sleep. I didn't even know i was asleep until i opened my eyes and saw a light in it. They were waking me up. I immediately asked for the time, the dr told me it was 8 something and i was like 'oh no' he asked what was wrong, i said 'i bet he's going crazy up there' and they laughed. I was confused at first until they explained. 'Yes, he was harassing the nurse's station asking about you, and the dr final found him at the elevators to tell him you were out of surgery." They were able to answer my questions before asking me their own. 

I felt bad for my fiance, he and i both hate hospitals. Yet he stayed with me the whole time. I had to all but argue with him to make him leave and go to work and that i would be fine in the hospital. His mother is battling cancer right now, and as mentioned somewhere above, his sister has gone through two brain surgeries in the past three years. The last surgery as seven months ago, and he broke down crying then saying if anything every happened to me he would lose it. 

They went through my left eye to drain the fluid. The eye that im blind in. It was not the surgery that left me blind, it was the pressure that had pushed on my eye nerve for so long. It was the reason they rushed my surgery. I wasn't supposed to have it until monday by their words. But after the spinal tap, they were able to see what level my fluids were at.

I did not remember my dr, i was asleep when he did surgery on me. So when i went in for my check up last week, i was able to meet him. He looked into both eyes and explained, when he laid me down for surgery, they had no hope for my left eye. That's why they went through it, they were trying to save my right eye. I initially could have been blind in both eyes, but because i went to that excellent team of dr's, i have sight in one eye. I'm legally able to drive, and the four weeks i was off work for recovery, my boss help my spot me for. I walked back into to work last week as if nothing happened. Only to be greeted with teary eyed customers that had missed me. Some had even come by my house to check on me while i was at home. 

And elderly man that shops at the store every day, said he was glad to see my smiling face back. He said it gives him a reason to smile when he see's someone smiling. My landlord blessed me with a gift that made me nearly break down and cry. And my boss had me work 5 hours, forcing me to sit down alot and paid me way more money than she should have for that 5 hours of work. I didn't realize i had worried people so much, it's because they said i smile and appear happy so much they didn't know anything was wrong with me. 

We were in a rough spot, right before i broke down, XD as i call i, my fiance had been off work 6 weeks cause he cut his hand open and had to get it repaired. That first week he was to go back to work was when i was in the hospital. So it's been rough on us, but i stayed positive through it all, and i had a lot of Angels on earth looking out for me this whole time. 

I'm glad to have my job, and a great landlord, and on top of it all. I had a negative mindset for a small period. What i can and can't do now that i'm down a eye, but i picked up a pencil this morning and started doodling in my sketchbook, i still have my talent, the bit i had at least. lol 
I apologize if this gets lengthy, because i might. I need advice on what you would do in this situation i have experienced.

February of 2016, i and my fiance, moved into a home with roommates Jake and Spencer. We had looked at the home and it had a few things messed up, it was a four bedroom two bathroom. Only one bathroom worked, the other didn't. There was a giant hole in the ceiling of the kitchen with open insulation, the whole laced ceiling fan and light. The landlord promised to have the whole in the ceiling fixed along with the bathroom second bathroom. The house was nasty, clothes everywhere in piles and even food. I took pictures of this all as how the house looked when we moved in. The landlord said she would help us pack up her things and clean the home, she only came by a couple of times to say 'hi' and when we asked if she was there to help she said she would come back. It took us a week to get it cleaned, her stuff packed and moved to the shed outside. She wouldn't allow for us to move her furniture because she had no where to put it.

Jake and Spencer didn't pay their part of rent when it came time, Spencer ended up moving out March 27th, Easter day. He and Jake got into a fight and was police escorted away. Spencer was the only one in the home that didn't have a job, and was constantly picking fights with everyone. During the last fight it irritated me most because at that time i was working overnights. Just got home and had fallen asleep and got woken up by their arguing and Spencer waking me up so he could use my phone and call the police. Jake then called the police, it was crazy how they were on the phone with the police at the same time complaing about each other. Jake ended up moving out a week later because he wanted Spencer to move back in and i felt uncomfortable about it considering the trouble the last time. We did have a lease when we moved in, I bought the lease and when we filled it out, I was on there along with Jake. He ended up ripping up the lease and burning it. From that point on i asked the landlord to get us a new lease. The landlord didn't have a copy of the old lease, Jake had it until he ripped up.

April, i bring in two new roommates and they pay rent. The new roommates even help me pay the $400 light bill that Jake and Spencer helped run up but didn't pay anything on. There was also a gas bill we had to pay without them. Everything is going fine with the new roommates, we get along. Pay our rent on time, except for our last month there. There has still been conversations of her claiming to get things fixed, she'd stop by the house alot to bother us for things unrelated to the home. When we asked her about the things we needed she put us off saying she didn't have the money. She was getting $600 in rent from us and was working at the job i got her, i worked there when i got her the job but switched to another one because i was tired of the overnights. I asked for a new lease but she put us off again.

Begging of May comes along the landlord shows up unexpected, claiming someone tried to break into our home, she saw it from the street. In which that window cannot be seen from the street. It was irritating, she was popping up alot because she 'missed' her home and just wanted to see it. Middle of may comes along, she has by this point quit the job i helped her get, and keeps calling saying we need to let her move into the spare room we had. Which we felt uncomfortable with that idea, the landlord had been caught stealing money from her friends purse, i've seen the text messages and have access to those if i need. We didn't feel comfortable with that knowing what we knew. A week after she calls again saying we need to let her move in, and that every other weekend she was bring her child to stay.
Not gonna lie we smoke pot, and i saw that as a bad situation. (Landlord knew this it wasn't a problem to her she even asked us for it. I told her i could never find it.) Didn't want to have to hide my stuff because a kid was going to be there.

June comes along she's still harassing about wanting to move in, even though we said no many times. We decide to move the middle of June. She had yet to fix anything in the home, we had no lease and she was now expecting us to let her and her child move in while we still pay her full rent as well as we pay our utilities. We did move out wrong without telling her, but as soon as we moved she moved herself into the home. I owned her $200, but had called her and messaged her for two weeks to come get it. Have screenshots of that she never came to get it. 

She calls me saying we stole a mattress from her home and that she is prosecuting me. I tell her of my witness, the man that moved my stuff for me. He didn't move a mattress at all, she didn't allow us to have our own furniture so we only had our cloths and small items. I ask her for my deposit and she tells me not to contact her until i bring her her mattress. The new house i moved to had furniture given to me by my family, including a bedroom set. I told the old landlord she could come to my home and even look but she declined and say not to talk to her. I even tried to compromise telling her just to give me back $300 to take out for the $200, the deposit i paid was $500. She didn't want to do that.

November 2016 she comes to my job saying she just needed to see if i still work there because she was prosecuting me for stealing the mattress, unpaid rent because i moved and that she was going to use the roommates Jake and Spencer as her witness. She told me my witnesses won't count. She tells me i should go talk to a prosecutor. That day after i got off work, i went around town for a hour and a half going to every prosecutors office and no one knew of the case i was speaking. I had to make a statement for my defense in case she had filed already. They said they would contact me if anything came up. I've had the same phone number for the past four years, she could have called instead of coming to my job causing a scene. Records are public online and every search nothing came up. I searched myself and nothing was there. I searched the landlord and the only thing that showed up was her suing someone a year before.

If you've read this far, what would you do in this situation?

Happy Mothers Day

Journal Entry: Sun May 12, 2013, 8:39 AM
Happy Mothers Day!

My mom left this world already, but i can still celebrate in her honor. There are also other women in my family i can celebrate with, along with several of my friends. Being a mother seems like the worlds toughest job.

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My name is Shaleshia. Last name not given just because I say so. I’m twenty-one years old, and I’ll be twenty-two in February 2013. I’ve always talked about how I wanted to be a Graphic Designer, because I love art. It’s my life, it helps me through any kind of emotion I can have. But my real desire is to become a Criminal Profiler. I have an obsessions, I love crime. Not committing it, because I would never get away with it. Lol. But Solving it, looking at cases. Watching trials. I literally watch the ID channel all the time. Well, I do watch my other favorites shows. But the majority of the time I’m watching tv is when it’s on the ID Channel. I know that it means moving away from this small town, and it’s something I’m willing to do, something I’m more than happy to do actually.

The father search still continues, although I have a suspect in mind I just have to get the appropriate evidence to prove it so. I wish i could have gotten more information from my mother before she passed...but by her reaction when i mentioned his name, might be enough to investigate. Apart of me wants to know if he is or not, but considering the person and what he has done, I’d rather not know. But if he is my father, I will feel obligated to attempt to speak to him. Apparently he has been hoping I’d contact him since I was born.

Alculard Paradise Academy
The lovely Admins on Alculard
:iconmysticflamer: :iconescaflowneluvr: :iconikiru-warau-aisuru:

Alculard Paradise Academy is a roleplaying website i started last year. Though i simply created the board. The members and the amazing :iconmysticflamer: took control over the board when i left. She, along with the other admins warped it with the help of the members. I owe them alot for making the site the way it is now, and i wouldn't have been able to do it myself with the current problems i was having. If your interested in a fantasy roleplay site, go ahead and join Alculard, I promise you won't be disappointed.

Current Residence: Arkansas, Conway
Favourite genre of music: Anything that i find easily to sing along to.
Favourite style of art: Anime - Comic
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Favourite cartoon character: Tenten, Sasuke, Itachi, Neji, June, many others.
Personal Quote: "Every Master was first an Amateur ."


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